Is No Exam Life Insurance The Best Plan for Seniors?

It is a lot easier and simpler for a senior to purchase life insurance without having to go through medical examinations. No exam life insurance plans offer a better alternative for purchasing coverage and they are a lot more accessible for seniors.

happy_senior_coupleIn today’s blog post, we will present some of the most important benefits of having no medical exam life insurance.

1.       It is an accessible plan

Seniors have a fragile constitution and they may get different diseases or develop serious medical problems. If you are in this situation and your health is not great, you do not have to worry anymore about finding life coverage. No medical exam life insurance policies have a simple underwriting process which makes them accessible for older people!

2.       It offers coverage for over 65 years old seniors

Many plans do not cover seniors who have passed retirement age. However, final expense insurance can cover seniors up to the age of 90 years and it doesn’t require any medical examinations. Clients can qualify simply by completing an application form.

3.       It is issued in less than 24 hours

You will never find a policy that it is issued in that short of time. Most traditional plans take between three and six weeks to issue.

4.       Simple application process

No exam life insurance plans have a simple application process: you only have to answer a medical questionnaire. The agency will review your answers and in less than 24 hours, you will have life coverage.

The downside

No policy is perfect and this is true for no medical exam life insurance plans too. You will enjoy a smooth application process and you will not have to wait for coverage, but all of these come with a cost. These plans are more expensive and they have a limited face value. A term life insurance policy that doesn’t require medical examinations will only insure you for a maximum of $300,000, while final expense has a maximum face value of $50,000.

In order to find affordable no exam life insurance, you have to compare quotes! Visit our website for the best plans from top agencies!