No Medical Exam Life Insurance: 5 Benefits You Should Consider!

Life insurance no medical exam has become one of the most attractive life insurance policies.  These are the 5 benefits you should consider for purchasing no medical exam life insurance:

Should-senior-people-buy-a-final-expense-life-insurance1)     General Acceptance. This advantage is usually the most sought after by many individuals that are either too old, or too sick to be insured by regular policies. Insurance companies have strict standards and work with some indexes, like BMI (Body Mass Index).

Having more than 50 years old will reduce the chances of getting any form of insurance. No exam policies are more tolerant and allow those individuals to have protection. In many cases, no exam policies are the only available policies.

2)     Easy and fast to process. In a couple of hours or in one or two days, you will get an answer for your application. Since the company does not ask for exams, you will not have to wait several weeks for medical exam results and analysis. Things can get faster if you answer to some medical questions and bring relevant medical records.

3)     Competitive prices. Many persons consider no exam policies too pricy and regard them as bad investments. Clearly, they have not verified the info recently. After the global economic crisis, many companies realized that they must lower the prices if they want to keep their clients. This is also the case of no exam policies.  New companies arose on the market and the competition is fierce. Check the prices online with the help of website offering free quotes

4)     Multiple options. There are so many no exam policies and you will be able to choose exactly what you need. You can purchase no medical exam term life insurance or no medical exam whole life insurance. Also, depending on your medical condition, you will be included in simplified issue no exam plans or guaranteed issue no exam life insurance plans.

5)     Peace of mind. Never neglect the psychological component. Being under protection will make you feel better.

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